Mission Opportunities

Presently we are working primarily on the island of Trinidad with hopes to spread out to the other islands in the future. We focus on church planting and reaching out to people in institutions. Church planting includes going into villages where there is no church and reaching out to the children with Bible clubs. Find out more. Mission Opportunities

Local Conference & Retreat Centre

TTUM Retreat & Conference Centre is a the perfect place for all types of meetings and retreats for all organizations such as groups, churches, boy scouts, girl scouts, local events, business groups, and more! Click here to find out more. Conference Centre

Steel Band

For many years, the steel pan was used primarily to make music for Carnival. Today we are using it to make music for Jesus. TTUM’s steel pan band plays only gospel music. Click here for details. Steel Band


  • “The experience in Trinidad with TTUM exceeded my every spiritual, emotional, and physical expectation. God was revealed; cultural myths were exploded, and demonstrated love, forged through the bond we have in Christ, continually characterized the entire ministry. TTUM and Trinidad afford a unique blend of ministry and opportunity, that when sifted by the Holy Spirit through a willing heart, produce a superior first time short term mission experience.”

    — Dave Collette, Lake Orion, Michigan

  • “Keep up the good work down there. God's love is truly being shared by what you guys are doing. I truly mean this and am not just saying this, my experience in Trinidad was the best missions trip I've been on. You could tell that everyone at the mission was there to serve God and wanted to work with you. Other trips I've been on the people have been controlling and argumentative. I really do mean it and am not just casually saying it. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

    — Love in Christ, Kristin (19), Chicago, Illinois

  • “The Lord used Trinidad in my life partially to satisfy a longing for adventure and also to refresh me. Strangely as it sounds the physical and ministry work were relaxing. I relearned that keeping my eyes on Christ as my leader makes life so much more clear and purposeful. It burns off the fog that I sometimes experience in the day to day grind at work and home. The idea of coming out of the "fort" and supporting our allies abroad, also is important to me because we are in a spiritual battle together against a common enemy. Trinidad also humbled me because the people in Toco live with very few material possessions and I see too much emphasis in my own life on material things.”

    — David Kuhlman, St Philip’s Team

  • “My trips to Trinidad have in many ways changed my life forever. It has been a gift to be able to travel from my comfortable world to Trinidad where for ten days I had the opportunity to fellowship with wonderful men and together, serve God. The men and women of Trinidad gave me a strong sense of what it means to truly love and serve God. I returned home to my family with a deep sense of how blessed I really am. My Trinidad experiences have changed my thinking and my priorities.”

    — Jim Paine, St Philip’s Team

  • “After having been to Trinidad and spending some time with the Trinidadian children, I have a greater appreciation for what is truly important...a personal relationship with the Lord. So many of the things I thought were so crucial to my well-being don't even exist in the lives of most of these kids! Even so, they are as happy, as secure and as worry free, if not more so, than I; thanks to their love of Jesus. With a clearer understanding, I find that I am more focused on an eternal perspective versus an earthly one. Thanks TTUM!!!”

    — Mike Mattioli, St Philip’s Team

  • “The trip to Trinidad was incredible! God opened our eyes to His work around the world. We saw Him do so many things. We will never be the same. The people at TTUM were wonderful and became dear friends in a week. God willing, we will return to Trinidad very soon!”

    — Scott, Amy & Allison Hickox, KC, USA

  • “Going to Trinidad was an incredible experience. It was a blessing to be able to help with VBS and visit the orphanages, prison and nursing home. God taught me a great deal during my time there. I'm glad I was able to experience that with my family and our team.”

    — Yvonne Nixon

TTUM News and More

    Closure of the Pregnancy Resource Centre

    We regret to announce that due to a lack of funding, the office of the Pregnancy Resource Centre will be closed. However, there are people who still contact us and we continue to provide counseling and other help through our church office. Please continue to pray for us. Because over the years we have seen over 3,000 and more women, the need is still evident. We still believe this ministry is worth pursuing.